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" Navigating one of the country’s hottest markets on record can feel overwhelming, especially when you’re juggling several highpriority considerations — and school choice is always at the top of the list. Enter Catherine Cole, one of Dallas’ best and brightest agents, known for her impeccable taste, seamless transactions, and in-depth personal knowledge of traversing the city’s public and private schools."
-Paper City, September 2022

DFW is home to some of the Nation's Best Private Schools

The Private School Corridor
+ Preferred DISD Choices

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Dallas Area Catholic Schools
Catholic Diocese of Dallas


From the Statement of Purpose
St. Mark’s aims to prepare young men to assume leadership and responsibility in a competitive and changing world. To this end, the School professes and upholds certain values. These values include the discipline of postponing immediate gratification in the interest of earning eventual, hard-won satisfaction; the responsibility of defending one’s own ideas, of respecting the views of others, and of accepting the consequences for one’s own actions; and an appreciation for the lively connection between knowledge and responsibility and the obligation to serve.

Dallas Independent School District

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